We define a qualified buyback lead as any buyback created using our platform, website, widget, or API.

Frequently asked questions

Why do you charge per lead?

We aim to be your buyback partner, not your software provider. Once you are on our platform, you will unlock a wealth of knowledge, support, and advanced tools to help your buyback revenue grow. As your business grows, we believe our business should too. Small companies can now enter the buyback space with no upfront investment and allow buyback.ai to push new features regularly. This will also ensure our team can sleep at night, knowing our AWS bill will always be paid on time.

What happens if the leads are spam or for testing purposes?

You will have 48 hours to disqualify any lead. Disqualified leads will not count towards your qualified leads, and you will not get charged.

What happens if my leads do not convert?

We actively monitor our client's key metrics such as conversion rate, mail-in rate, and lead-closing rate. We're working with you to make sure these metrics are above your company's acceptable closing rates so that you can be profitable. Not every business is the same, and we understand unique circumstances may require custom pricing or volume discounts. If your company process more than 200m in total buyback lead revenue per year, we can discuss a custom billing solution that fits your needs.

Convinced Yet?

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