February 10, 2022

Widget Version 2

Widget version 2 is now live!

To see a live demo of the widget navigate here: https://buyback.ai/features/buyback-widget

In order to update the widget to your website you will have to navigate to the widget settings page here: https://app.buyback.ai/setting/widget

Now copy the widget code on the settings page, navigate to your website builder and paste it over your current widget code on your site.

For more detailed instructions to install the widget to your website see the links below:

Wix users: https://help.buyback.ai/en/articles/5824120-wix

Weebly users: https://help.buyback.ai/en/articles/5824125-weebly

Shopify users: https://help.buyback.ai/en/articles/5824123-shopify

Squarespace users: https://help.buyback.ai/en/articles/5800517-squarespace