Features made for you

Here are just a few features we made just for you.

Franchisor Website

Deploy a hosted website on the sub domain of your website and start accepting local and main-in buybacks today. Store specific landing pages to drive PPC and boost local SEO traffic.

More power to the franchisee

Your franchisees should have the power to buy what they want, for the price they set. Each franchisee gets their own full platform access to manage their locations, buyback workflow, prices, payout methods, and more!

Link Locations

Your franchisees can link their locations with your platform so you can display them on your website as locations when customers are getting a buyback quote.


The last thing your franchisees want is another fee. Our platform has no set monthly fee for you or the franchisee. Our platform is soley based on usage. If you receive zero value in buybacks you pay nothing.

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