Mail-In Buyback

Understanding our mail-in buyback workflows.



  • Mail-in buybacks start as leads when created by the customer.
  • Automatically become in transit status when the customer ships the order.


  • Lets you easily track incoming orders.
  • As soon as the order is shipped, it shows up here.
  • You can see information about the order, tracking, and expected arrival date

Completed and other statuses

  • Once the in-transit order reaches you, you can handle the order however you choose, but we recommend marking orders as Completed once they have been paid.

Not as Described

  • When the device received doesn't exactly match what was entered on the order, you can set an order to this status to send them an email with a new offer, and upload photos of the discrepancy.

Additional Built in Ticket Statuses

  • You can use and customize these to your liking to help your workflow, as well as adding your own ticket statuses
  • Being Inspected
    • Orders go here during testing
  • On Hold
    • Setting to this status allows you to a reason to the customer.
  • Pending Return
    • Offers that get rejected go here
  • Returned orders

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