Pricing Editor

Overview: buyback.ai lets you save time by automating your pricing or you can customize price for individual models/conditions.

  • Edit Prices in settings https://app.buyback.ai/setting
  • Choose device category at the top of the page.
  • Supported device categories will have the option to toggle price sync.
  • Click the edit button to the right of the toggle to customize how your prices are synced.
  • Currently we are using our pricing at sellshark.com, with more options for pricing sources, such as wholesalers, coming soon!
  • You can choose to increase or decrease your prices by either a fixed amount, or a percentage of the pricing source you are using. This changes the price displayed on your website or widget immediately.
  • You can view pricing for each item using the drop down arrows
  • With price sync disabled you can edit each price
  • You can manually set each price for certain categories, while leaving others automated

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