Device Catalog

10,000+ Buyback Devices

Never manually add device data. Turn on or off what you want to purchase. It's updated in real-time to the widget, website, platform, and API.

Game consoles
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Pricing engine

Price Sync

Automate your buyback pricing in real-time with price sync. Choose a pricing source, then set rules based on your company's profit goals. Now sit back and relax while your buyback prices are updated in real-time to your widget, website, or API as your pricing source updates.


Give your customers options

Payout your customers with multiple payout options such as PayPal, Store Credit, or Cash, then set rules for each payout method to block cash for buybacks valued at more than 500 dollars or give a 10% bonus for customers who choose store credit.

PayPal Payouts
Store Credit
+ many more
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Generate Shipping Labels

Connect your USPS, UPS, or FedEx account to generate return shipping labels for your clients automatically. Generate thousands of shipping labels and only get charged once your customer ships.


Keep your customers in the loop

Take advantage of our powerful fully customizable notification center, and auto-trigger notifications to your customers as your buybacks pass thru your workflow. Trigger reminder and abandoned buyback emails to increase conversions, mail-in rate, and in-store transactions.

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